can't assign heightmaps

Models and textures from the sample program “Bump-Mapping”.

from panda3d.core import *
import direct.directbase.DirectStart

plight = PointLight('plight')
plnp =

box = loader.loadModel('models/abstractroom')

box.setTexture(loader.loadTexture('models/layingrock-c.jpg'), 1)

ts = TextureStage('ts2')
box.setTexture(ts, loader.loadTexture('models/layingrock-h.jpg'))

I don’t see the height map.


Missed render.setShaderAuto?

I can see difference - but cant say is it correct.

Left is height map, right is a normal map

MHeight enables parallax mapping, which offsets the texture coordinates based on the eye vector and the height map. You can only see the effect by moving the camera around. You can adjust the settings for the effect using the parallax-mapping-samples and parallax-mapping-scale configuration variables.