Cannot start my .py file

Hi Community,
i´m a totally newbie in panda and python.
I´d read some tutorials and the “how to set up panda” entry in your manual. Yesterday, i want to build my first programm but got some errors so i hope, you can help me :wink:

my system: debian etch
downloaded the etch package (v. 1.5.2) and installed via “dpkg -i panda-blablabla”

my first lines of code:

import direct.directbase.DirectStart

start with python 2.4: memory access error :confused:
start with python 2.5: i get an error like “can´t find libs for directbase”
(now i´m not at my machine, sorry)

Here i read something about a integrated python, where can i find it?

could this solve my problem?
What should in this “panda.pth” file? only one line like “/usr/share/panda3d” ?

PS: sorry for my bad english :blush:


I´d add a panda.pth file in my/usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/ directory:


no “file not found” error, but a ImportError…whats wrong?

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 13, in <module>
    import direct.directbase.DirectStart
ImportError: No module named direct.directbase.DirectStart

You should remove the line to /usr/include/panda3d/, and instead make it /usr/share/panda3d instead of /usr/share/panda3d/pandac.

PS. The part of the manual you referred to was actually meant for windows, on linux this problem should not be occurring. The panda3d installer should have added the .pth file automagically, I have no clue why it didn’t in your case.

now i get some RuntimeWarnings and this mem access error :frowning:

Hmm okay, that sounds your debian binary of Panda3D is compiled against Python 2.4. This was not intended, I’ll make sure the next debian release of Panda3D will be compiled against 2.5.
Can you try running python 2.4 and see if that works?

Btw. I’m assuming “Speicherzugriffsfehler” is german for “Segmentation fault”.

python 2.4 won´t work…

“speicherzugriffsfehler” means an error in accessing memory

Well, that is really strange.
Can you try putting this line in your /etc/Config.prc :

notify-level debug

(you can also try “spam” if it doesn’t print enough rubbish)
and give us the output? Or at least the last part?

set the notify-level to debug, her is the output:


//edit: i had compiled panda from source, maked a package and installed it. same problem :frowning:
do i need some other dependencies oder something other?

Oh! I see. This is related to a bug in 1.5.2, to fix this, edit your /etc/Config.prc, find the line that says the following:

audio-library-name p3openal_audio

You should change that into:

audio-library-name p3fmod_audio

Then, it (hopefully) won’t segfault again.

horray, it works :mrgreen:

big thanks pro-rsoft

I was suffered the similar problem. I am using debian testing and lenny panda3d package. I cannot managed to solve the problem by fixing but later decided a fresh install may have no problem at all and it really topic is here

Hello again,
i would install panda1.5.3 but it wont work…what can i do?

Did you use the build from the download page? If so, it is compiled for debian etchnhalf, which has a newer glibc version.
Does upgrading your glibc to a newer version help? Does an apt-get upgrade work?

i used the .deb from download page and i use etch “andahalf” :wink:
apt-get upgrade wont work, i´ll try to get a newer glibc version.