Cannot open/find music file

I was able to download the music file and convert it to an OGG format. But for some reason, my IDE can’t find or load the file. I made a music folder in my project folder thinking it would work and it didn’t. I also tried loading it from the windows music section and that didn’t work. Please help :sweat_smile:

What happened when you tried to load it from the Windows music application, and how did you go about converting it?

When I tried to load it from the windows music application I, the same thing happened. The file could not be found. I converted it using a free converting site because the software that the tutorial provides uses linux, which I don’t have.

Hmm… My best guess is that the conversion site didn’t work as expected, and that the ogg-file produced by it is the problem. :/

As an alternative conversion tool, you could perhaps try Audacity–it’s a bit overpowered for the task, but should do it, I think, and it does seem to have non-Linux versions.

Here’s a link to Audacity’s download page:

To convert a file in Audacity, just load the file, then from the menu-bar select “File”->“Export”->Export as OGG", and then save the file. (Presuming that the relevant UI elements in the version that you download matches those in the version that I have.)

Yeah, that was the problem wow I guess the file was corrupted.

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