Can we change the green font, please?

Hello fellows!

I really like the new design of the website but one thing really bugs me: I cant properly read the green font!
While having no issues with my eyes I notice that I constantly lose focus of the green texts. Its just a too bright green on the white background.
Is there a way that can be changed?


To be honest, I’ve wanted to see the the green links go blue to fit the rest of the site’s colour theme ever since the beginning of the redesign. Unfortunately, I doubt this will go anywhere regardless of the popularity. (See for another example.)

This is not to give a negative impression of anyone or any group of individuals. I just wanted to avoid making it seem that these kinds of things went completely unanswered rather than acknowledged. That and I wanted to voice my agreement with you.

Try firefox plugins for webdesign

Either Ive overseen the post but I havent seen anything about discussing the great idea to use a bright green font on a white background.

We all have chrome right? (You can also do it in firefox):

  1. We install Stylish.

  2. Go to “Extension” in your chrome, and click “Options” near stylish.

  3. Add New Style, and enter the following:

Name: Panda Style!

#main #maincenter #container #pcontent a,
#main #maincenter #container #pcontent a.postlink{
    color: #20C;

Enabled: Checked
Applies To: Urls Starting with:

  1. Save
  2. Done.