Can someone teach me how to convert this .blend to an egg?

Whenever I try, the model shows up with no texture.

Even when I create a material in blender, it will not render when I convert it to an egg using chicken.

I’m using chicken.
If I use yabee, will it build the textures in automatically?

not 100% sure.
there generally are 3 conditions that needs to be met in order to have a texture show up:

  1. you need UV coordinates :heavy_check_mark:
  2. you need to assign an image file as texture and using that UV coordinates as input mapping :heavy_check_mark:
  3. that texture needs to exist as file on your harddisk.

i can’t check the 3rd option. if you downloaded the model, it might be the case that the texture is saved inside the blend-file. you have to unpack that texture, save it on your harddisk,and assign that file as texture.

yabee has the option to automatically do that for you.

You can always open your egg files with a text editor and manually fix you texture paths.

Sometimes I get this inside my egg files:


Most of the time, resources have no issues loading but sometimes a path like that is not found for reasons I haven’t been able to put my finger on. When ever something doesn’t load, I just manipulate the path like:


Resources seem to load fine after that.

Can I force relative tex with yabee, because I want to host a panda game on mediafire so that people can download it, and I want the textures to load on they’re computer. So if I ask yabee to save the tex file (if its built in) in the same dir as the model, and I put the tex in the same dir as the egg in my resource folder, will it load and work on another computer?


That’s the default behavior, I believe.
And yes, you should store only relative paths in egg-files. Otherwise noone else can view those with textures.

In worst case, if nothing else works, jzst copy the texture into the same directory where the egg lies, then open the egg file in an editor and change all texture paths to “./texturefilename.png” (with the right name instead of texturefilename.png of course).

And it was mentioned above by ThomasEgi already, but we can’t repeat that enough: you need a texture to be a file on your hard drive. Generated textures like noise or wood from blender won’t work. Neither chicken nor yabee can work with non-file textures.

thanks for the info…

What if I just link the texture to the object (none of that uv stuff, I’m hopeless with blender), so that it shows up in the shaded/textured view, then put the texture in the same dir as the egg and modify the path like you said? Will it load, and what about on another computer?