Can Someone Set Me Straight On This?

I read in the Panda Manual where is said that flattenStrong() only works on Gnomes (or however it’s spelled) with the same name.

Therefore, I’m concluding… If I had four separate models of a pillar, e.g. Pillar1 Pillar2 Pillar3 Pillar4… and exported these four models in one exported file… flattenStrong() would not combine the four into one.

I’m guessing that, if Pillar4 Pillar3 and Pillar2 where all modeled as part of Pillar1 (one vertice group), even with the vertices being spread out to look like separate pillars… flattenStrong() would do its job if the ONE MODEL was exported in one file (instead of the above, where four separate models with four separate vertice groups were exported in one file).

Men… Women…

TRUE or FALSE? Help set a Noob Straight.

Hey man… this sounds a bit confusing.

If you model the pillars in only one vertex group, I think u didn’t need to call flattenStrong() because it is already only one node. (right?). If you model the 4 pillars separated, then the flattenStrong will try to combine the four into one following some rules (based on the state etc.)
I guess you failed to flatten the model because of the ModelNode introduced by the loading.

To flatten the node you can do:


What I’ve been doing was this:

self.ModelFile = loader.loadModel(MYGameDIR+"datacab/outer/building1")
self.Model = NodePath('BuildingOneModel')

I’ve been removing the Model Root using that method.