Can Someone Give Me an Explanation For This Behavior?

Just wondering about this… I’ve heard of “overdraw” before. When one angle of a 3D world over weigh another angle in geometry, you can get drops in fps.

I created a room that was identical on all sides. That is, the geometry was even.

For some reason, one particular angle will cause the fps to strain a little.

I wonder what’s going on down the pipeline? You wouldn’t expect this behavior with an environment that’s even on all four sides.

I’m trying to gather all the knowledge I can here, so if someone knows why one particular angle would lower fps, please…by all means, enlighten me.

Right now I’m considering the behavior normal and there’s nothing wrong with level design. I’m guessing some angles are more expensive then others.

started playing the game Darksiders. Man, the game is over hyped. The visuals for the game I’m developing now kills Darksider’s, and I’m not even on the graphical phase for my project. My fps is way higher as well; perfect most of the time.

Well, if this one room is the only object in the scene then I would expect the frame rate to be similar. But of course this is never the case in a real scene.
If you have any object outside the room, that is what is considered overdraw. Something behind the wall will still be sent to the video card even if you cannot see it in the rendered frame.
Also, please try to post with a descriptive subject line in the future, it is impossible to tell your posts apart from each other.

Actually, the issue was related to something else I found out about Panda. It had something to do with how Models are assembled, plus the flattenStrong() called on the Model.

I’m glad I just jumped right in a Major Project with Panda because I’m discovering things that are not in the Manual or things that are written in the Manual but aren’t entirely true in the truest sense.

I’ve truly figured out Panda’s behavior behind the flattenStrong().

And I’ve also learned how to optimize my Models so the flattenStrong() call can truly take effect.

The results are amazing on the fps!

That angle/fps drop totally vanished after I made a quick change with my Model. I kind of knew the flattenStrong() would not except it the way it was, but I was trying to gamble.

Oh well… Lesson learned. Do Not try to cheat the Panda!