can some one suggest a correct matrix?

i have a model,box and a render to buffer

i need to draw the buffer onto a cube (with some effects) just like here:

but the problem is i cant find the correct matrix for this and i get his artifact when i zoom out (an others as well)

i have tried all the matrices i could think of maybe you have a better idea?

this comes very close:

l_texcoord0 = normalize(mul( mat_modelproj, vtx_position));

i might not need a better one now. But please post if you have any suggestions.

lol i like talking to my self
this is what i go in the end

I think the magic formula you want is in “light.sha” inside the deferred shading sample. That sample renders the scene into three offscreen cards. Then it renders spheres (a lot like your cube), texturing the spheres with the image from the offscreen cards.

thanks Josh Yelon, i use that one and am getting less artifacts! But still some

Show me the new artifacts in a screenshot.

it looks like its half of the image … i see it much clarly for the first time now that i remove the disturbance!

I don’t understand why it’s distorted. Show me the shader code, I’ll see if I can find the bug.

i had to divide the cords by 2 and float2(sys_cardcenter.x1.2,sys_cardcenter.y1.6) the edges you see is just texture not tiling like most of them do.

here is the full pack:

maybe you can include this as a tutorial when its done.

So … is it working now?