Can Panda3D use animation from Blender's fluid modifier?

I haven’t found any discussion posts about this but I may have missed it (let me know if I did). I made a very simple beach scene in Blender with water animation using fluid modifiers for the domain, effectors (“beach sand” and the agitator to create the waves), and flow. Is it possible to export this beach scene and use its wave animations in Panda3D? Perhaps identify it as an actor rather than a scene? Or export separate elements and piece them back together in the scene?

This is possible, the panda supports morph animation. Here is an example:
ripple.egg.pz (55.3 KB)
How to do this you need to find out, I have never used it.

@serega-kkz Thank you for the reply. I’ll have to do some more digging on this to see how I can do it with Blender’s modifiers.

I guess you need to look towards ShapeKeys

Next, use: