Can Panda make this?

I want to make a game similar to the recent Final Fight except without having to have the state of the art graphics for it say like quake 3 or half life 1 graphic. Anyways I was trying to find a tutorial on something like that in panda, but couldn’t find any. I hope I’m not going to be the first to make one on panda. I feel kinda stupid for asking this. Mainly what i’m trying to say is that is it possible to make this kind of game and is there a tutorial on it?

There is no recipe for each game genre, but panda should provide everything you need.
My advise is to look at other FPS games, take a stock of what game mechanics they use, and which you want. Then try putting it in code.

FPS? well I guess, but at times I’m just writing down the mechanics and simplify them down so my first project can be very easy, but can also evolve into a very advanced piece of code that can be used into future projects. To start off I write down how it interacts with other objects in the game and how it can counter attack, move around the level. Afterwards I move onto something like small bits of storylines for the game and try to show the main parts of the story. The camera angles is something I write down too, but i’m not the camera angle pro and I’m just planning to put up a simple camera like one that doesn’t require any or much fancy work on it. I wrote down many things down on paper and typed another version down on my computer. As for the mechanics I’ve wrote down enought to know kinda what’s it like, but I still need to write down more and still got to draw it out and stuff like that. At free times I take a look or remember back at other games and brainstorm about their game mechanics and stuff so that I can make up my game to see what it’ll do and what it won’t do. By the way it’s not a first person action game, but it’s a 3rd action person game and i think a first person game might work based on mechanics and gameplay maybe.