can i ask ?

hi, can i help me? i am really new user to panda3D…

i can successfully created .egg file from maya but with run time error…will it a matter in future?

secondly, my model’s texture cannot be shown in the .egg file although i use phong as material…is there any problem?

third, after exporting my model and environment, i need to continue with ? PypE is for editor…but, how can i run it? is it using python? or cmd?

fourth, is there any other way to preview a model except using PandaMayaTool.mel in the plug-in?

i am so sorry if i ask stupid question…
but honestly, i really don’t know the answer…
i hope you can help me, thx


  1. Could you post the error message here ?
  2. Open the .egg, look for entry, does the texture file point to an existing texture on the disk ?
  3. File > Run current file
  4. use pview to preview you models … s_in_Pview
    You can also preview it from within Maya. Copy P3D/plugins/libmayapview.mll to your Maya plugins directory, and to invoke it, type pview in Maya command prompt, and the selected objects will be previewed.

till your problem get fixed. i suggest you to use panda 1.6.2.

maybe this helps you a bit, i captured a animation export out of maya.

the animation in maya:
exporting with panda 1.6.2:
executing a panda demo with the model inside:

thanks so much for your reply…

the error is like:

"Runtime error

PROGRAM C:\PANDA3d-1.7.0\BIN\MAYA2EGG2009-wrapped.exe

an application has made an attempt to load the C runtime library incorrectly.
Please contact the application’s support team for more information."

i wish to ask, is it the texture must done using file? i means like .jpg? cant i just use the color in the maya?

i try my preview using pview mayafile.egg , but the problem still same…but if i done code in pypE and run the code or preview it…there is no problem.

wao…the video is awesome…^^

The runtime error is something I’ve seen only once. It happened on a machine that had both 2010 and 2009 installed. The one thing to try is to unload mental ray from from the maya plugin menu and make sure it doesn’t autoload in the future. Also, you could uninstall the version of maya you aren’t using to egg. Let me know if that works.


Try installing the .NET framework 3.5. See if that fixes the runtime error.

the plug-in there show the no auto load file…

i had done uninstall the 2010…
still same problem…

my laptop have default install the .net frame 3.5 …