Camera - what to use?

I noticed using yields different results from using camera.

Which one should I use?

As described in the manual at, the camera be be controlled using either one, but it is preferable to use (or simply camera, which is a global alias).

print                # render/camera/cam
print             # render/camera
print camera                  # render/camera
print is camera   # True

In general, use for manipulation of the camera node in the scene. It represents the so-called “camera group”, which other cameras may be reparented to in some esoteric situations. It is just a dummy, whereas is the actual camera node.

Then there’s base.camNode, which equals, and there’s base.camLens, which equals

I don’t advise using just “camera” without “base” at all. It’s an old and deprecated variable that will probably be removed at some point.