Camera animation

I was reading about actors, animations and i have a question.
It is possible to move the camera base on an animation?
For example, i have a model, lets say an esphere with a trembling animation. Can i transfer that anim to the camera?

I tried reparenting the camera to the Actor and things like that but it seems is not the right way.

Many thanks folks!

What you usually animate is not a whole actor, but bones/joints. You can reparent your camera to such an exposed joint. I think you can also animate an “empty”, so that you don’t have to hide any sphere etc.

Thanks Nemesis#13!!
I get a nodepath using actorNodePath.exposeJoint(), reparent the camera and it works.

What do you mean by animate an empty? is there a way to directly assign an animation to the camera or something like that?

Glad I could help :slight_smile:

You mentioned a sphere that is animated. If you use only the movement of the sphere you have to hide it. If you animate an empty model -that is one without geometry- you don’t have to hide anything.

But don’t pay too much attention to that. It’s more of personal preference, I guess.

Ah, ok, now i understand what you meant.
Thanks again.