Hey I just saw that we now support collada.
So this means I can export in collada format and load it like any other format like .x .egg ,…?

Essentially yes, although it simply converts collada into egg on the fly, but the end result is the same. However, the implementation has severe limitations such as no support for bones and animation so it doesn’t make for a very good primary format at the moment.

Well yeah development will fix that I presume.
I’ll stick to the .X format ATM

nice work anyways

Yeah, the animation support is lacking. The underlying library, FCollada, is also buggy here and there. But when it works, it works well.
We hope to have better collada support in the future.

Note that most of dae2egg’s limitations are caused by the fact that it uses the Egg library to convert the models - which is very limited in functionality.