c++ vs python?

While using panda3d which language is better to use?
C++ or python?
please tell and tell the reason too why are you choosing c++ or python.
Thankyou very much for reading .
i will be very grateful to you if you reply.

there are a number of threads on the forum bout that very topic. i suggest you give the search button a try.

in short:
-pros: very rapid prototyping
easy to learn
crossplatform (runs without recompilation)

-cons: slow for meath heavy stuff

-pros: fast for math heavy stuff
-cons: slower prototyping
hard to learn (if you dont know it already)
you need to take care of everything yourself
you need to compile your game for each os/platform/architecture

so the advice is: use python. it’s advantages are numerous. if you really run something very math-heavy (which is very rare) you can still write a small c++ extension.
after all, panda was made to be used with python.

(i know there are c++ fans out there but this is a very general advice)

I suggest this “python vs c++” thread, I give my opinion there and also drwr says interesting stuff:


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