C++ tutorials are ready to be released! (www.panda3d.org.cn)




Hello, can you please point me to his thread ? :cry:





Thanks Atari314 - you are just great and so is Dri.

Only hope he continue on sharing more C++ examples with us. :slight_smile:




Not bad, he is not only a man, but also a male-panda. Lovely panda3d fellows.

Some work still remains, keep on! By the way, I can give all the coding credits to the real male-pandas or female-pandas!


I think, the honour belongs to Dri, the story belongs to forum, the future belongs to us. :smiley:


We had finished designing the architecture of the website, which has about 100-200 web pages to construct (in Chinese). We hope we can have more Panda fellows in the future. :smiley:


We have finished constructing Chinese website for panda3d.


We are on line now.

However, the website is under Registration required by the Chinese governement. Waiting…

Happy new year!

Test Address:


Now, www.panda3d.org.cn is online, we hope it will be a bridge to Panda3d’s Chinese fans and fellows.


C++ is a general purpose programming language. Great discovery for Chinese!


Thank you. English and Chinese are very important language. Enjoy it.


This is great for those just getting started. Thank you!