C++ Samples?

I have downloaded the samples. However, all of them are for Python. Can someone point me to the right location for 3D panda c++ samples?


There is no C++ sample.
but you can switch to c++ in manual to see some help to write your application in c++.

There is the Hello World C++ Tutorial and the manual has information about Panda3D for C++. that’s correct

But the pages for the “tutorials” don’t say much for either in c++ or python… of course, there are python samples.

Anyways, This answer my questions. There is no c++ samples. I’m not really sure why, but it seems there are no samples.
I guess I can look at the python and convert that to C++


There are no C++ samples because no one has provided any. All of the Python samples were provided by Panda3D users, but no C++ Panda3D users have so far provided any samples.

If you’d like to be the first, we’d certainly appreciate it. :slight_smile:


yeah, it is not a bad idea, but I’m still trying to get the 2010 build up and running.

Hi fellow C++ programmer

The Panda forms has helped me a lot, “drwr” (David) is very helpful with both python and C++, he is one of the main Panda developer Gurus.

Another Panda Guru is “rdb”
I do have his Roaming Ralph C++ version, the original post is:
[url]Roaming Ralph in C++]

but the link to the program doesn’t work.

if you would like it I can email it to you or if someone else knows where to find it, let us know.

Also I should try to convert some of those python examples into C++ like drwr said, it can help me learn more about python.