C++ over Python

Hey panda’s,

Is it better to use C++ over Python?
I know, it’s easier to create an executable file when using C++, and it’s less easy to program in. But does C++ have extra features? Or is it faster?

i think there are some very rare things which are only accessable through c++ , think i read something in the async-task thread. (please correct me if i’m wrong)
well of course it’s faster but most of the time python is by far fast enough.
there are things where you should prefer c++, like when doing algorithms for something. best example creating/updating procedural geometry during runtime( like terrains or simmilar)
that’s the only real advantage i could figure out. but… do yourself a favor and write most of your game in python. development speed and debugging cant compare to c++ (especially if your programm takes long to compile in c++)

@ThomasEgi: the Panda3D syntax for C++ is almost the same as for Python. It might be an idea to first write your game in Python, and when it’s done, convert it to C++. (not so much work)