C++ extensions to python, import as panda3d.mymodule

Context of the question (but it is more general, not limited to this case): I have compiled Tobias’ LUI gui extension, and made some changes to make it work in python3, and I’ve written a script to build it with the meson build system. It works fine as long as I use python’s import system: I place the liblui.so in /usr/lib64/panda3d/ then import every widget using:

 from lui import some_widget_name

That works.
=> The problem is: I would like to use panda3d’s namespace, so that I can import everything like:

 from panda3d.lui import some_widget_name

I’ve found this blog entry:
the section “the new system” says that the .so should start with the suffix “libpanda”, but if I call my .so “libpandalui.so” and place it in /usr/lib64/panda3d/ I can’t import it the way I wish.
Apparently this blog entry is outdated, as I can’t even find any “panda3d.py” in the source directory, it seems to have been removed long ago.
So is there a new mechanism to load extensions? Is there some configuration file to edit somewhere to make panda3d aware of my extension? Should I put it in another directory? Thanks!

After some tests I’ve found that python looks for my library in /usr/lib64/python3.6/site-packages/panda3d/lui/.
It’s working as expected now.

Putting it at this path should be sufficient: /usr/lib64/python3.6/site-packages/panda3d/lui.so