BVH to Blender Animation

Hello Sirs,

I would like to know if the transformation matrix to be specified for a joint in tables of an egg file is :

A) the resulting tranformation matrix of this joint and all parent joint transformation matrix

B) the transformation matrix related to the joint parent only
( as in BVH animation format).

In case B, would mean Panda is applying a resulting matrix to this joint
by using all transformation matrix of its parent also?

I’m asking because i’ve got a huge set of BVH animation that i would like to translate into egg animations…

It is case B. The egg syntax defines all transforms, including joint transforms, relative to the parent node only. When the animation is played, Panda accumulates the transforms for each joint.

Note that although joints are defined using a local transform, vertices are defined in an egg file using global coordinates, which is irrespective of transforms appearing within the egg file. (This means when the egg file is loaded, the vertex coordinates given in the egg file must be pre-transformed by the appropriate inverse matrix to compensate, but that’s Panda’s problem.) More information about this can be found in the egg syntax document.


Great i was hoping this would be the answer.
thanks a lot.
By the way i got the eggsyntax from cvs… very detailled and features full…