Bump mapping question.

Hi, all.
I tried to use bump mapping shader, learning from "Normal Mapping"sample.
And change some code like this.

	self.shader = Shader.load(MYDIR+"/bumpMapper.sha")

Then I add a picture names ‘hill_tex-n.jpg’ in the same directory of hill.egg .

When I ran an application it thrown assertion error 1335c650
!input->get_nodepath().is_empty() at line 937 of c:\temp\mkpr\panda\src\display\graphicsStatteGuarduan.cxx

any idea?

It means, the shader wants an input, but it’s not given. It wants a “light” node to calculate the result.
In the tut, it’s this :

self.room.setShaderInput("light", plnp)

One more help,please.

Is there anyone here has a blooming shader ( .sha file )

I tried to use shader file from XNA but it didn’t work.
or Panda3d couldn’t support?

how about the glow shader sample ?

Thank you,Ynjh_jo
I has tried it before.
But everything in the scence were more brighness.

I will try again. :wink: