Bump mapping for procedural objects?

So I added the procedural cube (from tute) to the normal
map room (tute), and set both shaders to auto, but can’t get
the bump mapping to work on the cube. Here’s how I attached
the normals and colors:

cubecolor = loader.loadTexture("cobblestonesDiffuse.tga")
tscolor = TextureStage('tscolor')

cubenormal = loader.loadTexture("cobblestonesNormal.tga")
tsnormal = TextureStage('tsnormal')

Colors show up fine, but no bump mapping.



Got it working.

well that doesnt help ppl who have the same problem as you. would you please post how you got to your solution. plz :slight_smile:

What I posted worked fine. I was doing something else stupid that
prevented it from working, and I don’t want to post that!

Did you have a problem I could help with?


nah but I’ve seen many people posting about procedural objects. the thing that got me curious was spores unique procedural way of creating creature joints, movements, terrain, ect. the entire game is “almost” procedurally generated. I cannot wait till it comes out!

actually procedural objects and shaders have some
wierdnesses in them. I’ve put up a new post with
more detailed problem diagnoses.

slightly offtopic buti want to mention that spore makes intelligent use of pre-made objects which you can change to quite some extend.
so it’s not entirely generical in nature. still neat,thought.