BulletCharacterControllerNode falls too quickly

Hey all

Im using the BulletCharacterControllerNode to controll my avatar, everything (almost) works
perfectly at this point. However, I cannot seem to wrap my head around the fact
that once my BulletCharacterControllerNode walks off a ledge it falls REALLY fast (read: instantly)
to the ground (like its warping)

I have tried messing around with various setGravity() both on the Char controller and on
the bullet world
and setFallSpeed() but to no avail.

Any ideas?
Thanks for any suggestions.

*side note: what is setMaxJumpHeight() function compared to setJumpSpeed()?

It may be that that’s exactly what it’s doing: the object isn’t falling, it’s being set to an appropriate height above the ground at the new point, as though it were still walking.

I imagine that the controller uses a ray-cast directly down from its position (or just above) in order to find the height of the ground at that point: if the ground is detected, then it sets the controller’s height according to that, on the assumption that the controller is “on the ground”; if the ground is not detected, then the controller is considered to be “falling”, and allowed to drop according to gravity.

Perhaps there’s a setting somewhere that adjusts the length of the ray-cast?

To verify that your character is not falling but snaps to the ground you coul duse the bool isOnGround() function. It should show a TRUE value if the character is falling. If it snaps you might habe a problem with default axes (should be Y-up). But this is just a guess.

Pleas ekeep in mind that the BulletCharacterControllerNode ist just a thing wrapper around the original Bullet character controller, which in turn is meant only as an example of how to implement a controller. Thus is lacks in features and stability. What we would need is a robust implementation of a general purpose character controller for Bullet (this is what the base class BulletBaseCharacterControllerNode is for). But this is not an easy thing. Exspecially since every game has it’s own requirements.

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:
I have started to implement my own character controller.