Bullet Soft Body / Rigid Body Collisions interacting but not touching

Hi community,

I’m messing around with the bullet physics engine and I’ve noticed a weird issue. When a collision involving an objects (soft or rigid) that are made of a special mesh (aka any non standard shape), the objects act as though their hitbox is larger than it is. This can be confirmed using the debug mode, and screenshots here show the problem more specifically:

This issue can be seen in the bullet eggs example, and even the “fixed” version from this post (Panda3d Bullet Issues -- floating eggs -- bullet collision mesh problem?).

(I’m only allowed 1 upload as a new user :(, but hopefully you can see that!)

You can see how the gap, although small relative to the scale of the large objects, still aren’t touching. This isn’t a huge issue in this example, however my project which uses smaller models faces larger consequences (especially with soft body).

I’m curious if anyone has a solution, or if I need to go rescale everything in order to make the gap look negligible. Thanks in advance!