Bullet Physics

Couldn’t find anywhere to post this. It’s just a simple question.

Does anybody know where the Python bindings for Bullet Physics can be downloaded and how to install them? Blender uses Bullet but also uses Python for coding, so I figure if Blender has it there’s got to be a way to integrate it into Panda

I don’t know about Bullet, but I do know that you can better use ODE – it has better physics. I don’t think there are python bindings for Bullet, but I could be wrong.

For ODE:
Panda3D provides good integration for ODE – it’s just not compiled in by default, as of version 1.5.0. (I’m trying to get it ready for a future panda release.) If you want to benefit from ODE, you either have to compile Panda3D yourself (I could give you a thirdparty package for ODE then), or you have to use PyODE. There are various examples at the forums for PyODE.

I have been watching Bullet for quite some time, because it seems to be the best open source collision library available. And with the new 2.68 version they have added terrific features (e.g. softbody & cloth). Too bad they still don’t have a robust character controller.

Like pro-rsoft I am pretty sure that there are no “standalone” Bullet Python bindings. Blender does use Bullet for physics, but it’s not just to copy a file from the Blender installation to use Bullet outside Blender. You would have to go to the Blender source code level and extract it there. I’d say this is more work than writing your own bindings. Sorry.


Last time i checked (about 2 months ago), there was no standalone python binding for Bullet (Erwan was calling for help on the topic)…

Blender and Bullet are really really tighly integrated (maybe even at the CPP level …) so it would not be an easy task…

However it would be a real plus for the Bullet community so i’m pretty sure Erwan would help you a lot…