Building Panda3D with MSVC 2015 and Python 3.5/3.6


Hi, thanks a lot for the tools to compile with VS2015, although I’m not able to make it run properly.
I get messages complaining about the options --msvc-version and --windows-sdk. It says they’re not supported

See the output I get when running from the VS2015 Native Tools Command Prompt console:

c:\Panda\panda3d-1.9.4>thirdparty\win-python3.5-x64\python.exe makepanda/ --everything --msvc-version=14 --windows-sdk=10 --verbose

Error parsing command-line input: option --msvc-version not recognized

Makepanda generates a 'built' subdirectory containing a
compiled copy of Panda3D.  Command-line arguments are:

  --help            (print the help message you're reading now)

If I remove ‘–msvc-version’, then complains about ‘–windows-sdk’, in fact, any of these two options appears when I run the tool just with ‘–help’ to see the available options.

I copied your thirdparty-vc14-x64.7z, and decompress its contents into a the folder ‘thirdparty’ in the sources of Panda3d-1.9.4. Am I missing anything?.

From the compiler (2015) and SDK (v10) everything seems correctly installed in my computer.

Thanks a lot


1.9.4 does not support building with MSVC 2015. You need to check out the latest master version of Panda from GitHub: