Building Panda3d on Solaris?

I noticed on the writeup for Panda3d over at that it lists Sun as one of the platforms its for. Has anyone actually built Panda3d on Sun Solaris (SPARC)? I have an Ultra 10 at home and it would be nice to mess with Panda3d on it rather than my Windows box if its possible.

I guess I could try and build it myself, however, I figured I’d give the forum a try before I waste my time.

Of course I realize I will need OpenGL installed.


It has been years since someone last reported building Panda3D successfully on any kind of Sun hardware. We’d love to hear a more recent success story! Feel free to give it a try, and let us know how it goes.


I’ll give it a shot then David.

I’ve got an Ultra 10 with Solaris 10 on it.