Building maya2egg using static linking

As there some problems/issues surrounding maya2egg using both Panda and Maya’s python libraries, I’m trying to build maya2egg without python support and without and dynamic links to any panda dll’s.

I believe I’ve got Panda compiled without any python (–no-python in makepanda), but I’m confused on how to statically link the necessary Panda libs to the egger.

I’m using VS 2008 on Windows, and would prefer not to switch over to ppremake in order to use LINK_ALL_STATIC in the config. This would involve installing CyGwin and probably create a host of other errors. However, if that’s what needs to happen I’ll give it a shot.

[EDIT] the only thing standing between me and the compiler generating the correct libs as of now is that when certain libs get linked statically they have no public symbols defined, and therefore are useless. This seems to be happening because things are getting defined in an earlier lib. Is there any way to define a symbol twice without the second one getting ignored?

If anyone has any thoughts please let me know.