Building Full Panda3D source using makepanda

Actually, right now, if you change something in executionEnvironment.cxx, makepanda would only recompile executionEnvironment.obj. But it would actually relink libp3dtool.dll, and then it would relink every single Panda library that is linked against libp3dtool.dll - that’s how makepanda’s dependency-based building works.
Or is that unnecessary, and does only libp3dtool.dll need to be relinked, even if it’s ABI has changed?

Ah, in the case of dynamic libraries, only the dll needs to be relinked, unless you change something in a header file too.

In the case of static libraries, everything that links with the library also needs to be relinked, because in that case the link step actually copies code from the library.

Still, relinking every Panda library against libp3dtool.dll should only take a minute or two, so I don’t see this is a major problem at all. It doesn’t sound like the problem reported by Zorbatron, who said it made an hour-long build. Maybe there was something else going wrong in his case.


True, it doesn’t take long to relink a few executables. I bet it was a change to dtool_config.h or so - it’s always painful to find out you’ve accidentally changed it.