Build Issue associated with notify.h

Heyo Roger,

I noticed the OSX checkin got rid of notify.h, and replaced it with pnotify.h. This seems okay overall, except that interrogate seems to still be generating an include for notify.h  (removing the line from each interrogation works for the moment). I haven't really dug into it, but is this just a bug, or part of the update that's not checked in yet?

Hmm, that change has been checked in for a while–according to CVS logs, it was checked in March 17, to be precise; almost a month ago.

Are you sure you’re not running an older version of interrogate? For instance, in the VR Studio, we have a version called stinterrogate.exe that we compile by hand and then set aside. You might have a similar system, in which case you’ll need to update that separate binary.


Ah, oops, missed an old interrogate :slight_smile: