Bugs on Audio or Video

When I paly audio sound and make video to synchronize_to() it, the Fedora system is always showing:


The Class used is MovieTexture. How to handle this problem?

The warning just says that ffmpeg has to decode the video in software, instead of using any special hardware acceleration. I don’t think this is a cause for alarm.

The next two lines appear to be normal shutdown messages. Are these lines display immediately, or only when the video/audio stream is stopped?

Does it work correctly other than the warning message?


When I synchronize video to sound, it will stop running (no video motion and no sound) after displaying the messages of:

Then, I close the program, it display the messages of:

I try to play the video without synchronization, it works and output the messages of:

When I try to play the sound without video, It is very strange! At the beginning, both video and sound are played, then only video with no sound. The messages are:

It seems that the sound part has bugs!

Are you running 1.7.2, or the buildbot 1.8.0 version? Have you tried it with 1.8.0? There were significant changes with the ffmpeg player between 1.7.2 and 1.8.0.

But it does seem like the sound library is having difficulty with the sound channel. Is this part of the video file? What is the codec you are using for the sound? What happens if you switch to a different codec, or use an external file?


I am using V1.7, in my opinion, we should focus on fundamental functions first.

After debugging the example program in C++, I will try V1.8.

The key codes are very simple:

PT(MovieTexture) tex = new MovieTexture("name");
PT(AudioManager) audio = AudioManager::create_AudioManager();
PT(AudioSound) sound;
sound = audio->get_sound("PandaSneezes.avi");

What is wrong?

I don’t know. That program plays fine on my machine and on many other peoples’ machines as well. We use OpenAL for audio by default. There are known bugs with OpenAL on Fedora, perhaps it is a problem with your OpenAL library.

I have to make guesses, of course, because I don’t have access to your machine, and I cannot repeat the problem you report.


I am running it on virtual machine :blush:

I will contact with you one day.