Bugs in the tutorials?

I ran all the Panda3D tutorials (samples), all worked except two. Here are some errors I got:

From the Picking (chess) tutorial:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “Tut-Chessboard.py”, line 251, in ?
w = World()
File “Tut-Chessboard.py”, line 77, in init
self.picker.addCollider(self.pickerNode, self.pq)
TypeError: CollisionTraverser::add_collider() argument 1 must be NodePath, not CollisionNode

From the sound (music box) tutorial:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “Tut-Music-Box.py”, line 141, in ?
w = World()
File “Tut-Music-Box.py”, line 56, in init
self.slider = DirectSliderBar(pos = Vec3(0,0,.7), value = .50,
NameError: global name ‘DirectSliderBar’ is not defined

The sound is working on my system, because I get the sound effects in the greeting card tutorial.

At first I was getting an error from the greeting card tutorial as well, but I think maybe it was file permissions or something, I copied all the samples into my homedir and now I don’t get the error, but it does just hang with a black window for a VERY long time, seems to take ages to load the images, or to do whatever it’s doing.

  • Sean

Try using the stable Panda3D Version that is still 1.0.5. This should solve your problems.

Regards, Bigfoot29

addCollider() now takes a NodePath as first arguement. (not a Node as in panda 1.0.5)

change this line (77):

self.picker.addCollider(self.pickerNode, self.pq)


self.picker.addCollider(self.pickerNP, self.pq)

1.1 is still beta, you should really consider 1.0.5 for stable results.

about the DirectSliderBar issue:
try to rename it to DirectSlider that looks like its name is actually changed - run it and then you’d be able to see this really nice and funny sample

PS: to those ppl talking about use the more stable version:
please guys, we have clearly understood that this is beta and that the 1.0.5 is stable but we are just trying to make the 1.1.0 better so don’t be negative with us.
tank you.

Well, we aren’t negative with you, but every new user goes straight for 1.1 and has nearly the same issues over and over. 1.0.5 doesn’t have these problems. Maybe we should open up a thread dedicated to “Problems with the Beta”

The problem is: As long as 1.0.5 is still the stable one, ppl will start messing up between 1.0.5 and 1.1 programming wise and using the DirectSlider in 1.0.5 just won’t work and will make the ppl testing angry.

Thats why I would love to see either: Someone is telling the folks that he is using 1.1 (and thus using an “unfinished” beta) (otherwise we have to do it) or he is using 1.0.5 because most of the bugs (especcially in the examples) don’t exist there (except the networking tut).

Regards, Bigfoot29

FYI and for all that noobs in need of, I’ve just open a similar thread here:


I’m getting ready to release a new version of panda. I was hoping we could compile a list of all the little things like this that need fixing. What else should I know about?

about this one? hmmm… not sure :slight_smile:
However, having the initial tuts back and working. Especcially the networking tut back in action would be good :slight_smile:

Another idea would be thread safety by default :wink: (means: you can run Panda3D from within a thread with all of the taskMgr’s abilities. (I am not talking about inter-task-capatibilities… it should just run in a single task like it would without multiple tasks at all…

A nice feature would also be: A post that states all of the coding changes between 1.0.5 and 1.1.x (if possible) to make porting or proceeding to the new version easier.

However, they are just suggestions. Would be nice to see them. Josh can you please send me a mail or a PM at “delivery time” so that I can add the debian packets to the debian mirror? Maybe you want to give one or two sentences about it in the download section as well :slight_smile: For most of the debian users its easier to add a line in the apt archive list and then apt-get install a packet than just download it. :slight_smile: (and for those that have it installed its even easier: “apt-get update” and “apt-get upgrade” and they do have the new version…

But thats also just an suggestion…

Regards, Bigfoot29

Suggestions for a new release:

GUI needs some work. In particular, a DirectButton that can call the function of a DirectEntry field so as to capture the text. Right now, I am setting the button command to DirectEntry.commandFunc. I would like a better interface for this (something like DirectEntry.getCommand() ).
I would also like to be able to swap between the focus of GUI objects more easily so I can use the tab button to move through DirectEntry fields. I guess buttons could have a focus as well.

I assume these Onscreen text artifacts been fixed already, but just a reminder if not.

Also, when using DirectTools and you minimize the panel, panda crashes.

this is the error:

It prints the error twice just like that. I think this happens with some of the other panels also (Particle panel etc.)

There are some other things, but I forget at the moment.

Hope that helps.