Bug with entry.getBody?

Hi Community,

i want to change the position of a ode-body-object when it has a collision with another object.

A small example of what i am doing

body1 = entry.getBody1()

this piece of code is not working, but when i use my already existing instance of the body-object the position change is working.

as far as i understand the object i get with entry.getBody1() should be nearly the same as the original one and not be capped in its functionality.

thanks in advance


If you do “print body1”, you’ll see the underlying dBodyID that the body has. Compare this to what you get when you print out the original body, the one you know works.

i already had tried that, it is the same body id, its not the same objects but as far as i know that should be right. the application just crashes when i use the geom-object i get from the entry with this error:

TypeError: Cannot call OdeBody.setPosition() on a const object.

Just checked in a fix and picked it up for 1.7.1.

Thanks for contributing by reporting this issue!

Thanks again alot for the fast fix. Hope Panda 1.7.1 comes out soon so i dont have to live with my workaround.

If releasing your code for production via the runtime is no issue for the current time being, you can also try the snapshot builds found in downloads -> snapshot builds

or here: panda3d.org/buildbot/

Only a thought :smiley: