Bug in windowing system


a very annoying bug:
Normally events work fine. But if i switch to another window or workspace, then switch back to the panda3d window, no events are triggered anymore. Tasks just work fine then.

Any ideas?

You mean button events? We have had an on-again, off-again bug in Panda where if you use alt-tab to switch out to another window, the alt key gets “stuck” down, so that subsequent button events are sent as “alt-a”, “alt-w”, and so on. To clear it, press and release the alt key with the mouse in the window.

You can also use messenger.toggleVerbose() to see the event names that are being generated when you press a key.


Thanks for the reply drwr.

Is there perhaps a chance to get this fixed in the next version of Panda3D? That all keys are ‘released’ when the focus is no longer on the window?

I think it might be fixed on the trunk already. But honestly, it might not. While we’re aware of the bug, it hasn’t been a real priority for us, and we’re trying hard to get other more important features and fixes in for our own upcoming game release.

If it doesn’t make it into 1.4.0, it’ll get in there eventually.