Bounding Sphere AssertionError

Hi wondering if anyone can help!?

I am running a simple collision detection, using collision capsules and cubes. For many time steps I have no issues and the detection works as expected. However, at random times I get the following error:

AssertionError: !mat.is_nan() at line 91 of c:\buildslave\sdk-windows-amd64\build\panda\src\mathutil\boundingSphere.cxx

The line that triggers this is:


Has anyone had a similar problem or have any ideas what might be causing this?


Well, the variable-name indicates that it’s a dummy-node–is there any collision geometry attached to it? Or looking at it conversely, is there any case in which the dummy node has no geometry attached to it?

My guess, you see, is that the dummy-node, having no geometry attached to it, has a bounding-volume of size 0, which is causing problems.

If so, and depending on the logic of your program, you could perhaps check whether the dummy-node has children and only traverse it in the case that it does.

This error can occur if you have a node with an invalid transform, such as containing a NaN, or a scale component of zero.