Bookmarked Forum pages have same title[update>rdb Fixed]

This is a Panda3D forum feature request, when ever i create a bookmark to a given thread the page tile is always the same.

“Panda3D - Forums”, to get around this I cut and paste the threads topic into the bookmark when creating it,
‘Panda3D - Forums - How to not put all your eggs in one basket’
Bookmarks makes it easier for me to keep track of topics that catch my eye.

can you add the treads name to the end of the pages title so that when some one bookmarks a page it includes the subject, Thank you. Other than that this is the best Featured Forum i have seen on the net. :smiley:

I could also use this, I second the request.

I am also in, i often happen to have lots of tabs open, and i have to guess which one i need… :smiley:

rdb, if you could provide me with phpbb that this forum uses i could TRY to fix this.
Or if it is not some heavy mod on code side, you could just say which version it is.

I would like forums to get updated (i have talked about this before).

Add way to easy do custom css -> pages are too narrow, its hard to read python code like that.

Code coloring would also be very nice.

Fixed. :slight_smile:

Thank you…
Thank You…
Thank you…

This is the Coolest Forum. 8)

and thanks again rdb. :smiley:

radu i’m wondering how did you get your avatar to cycle is swear i saw another one that had a panda moving back from the screen :question: , and now its a panda with sleepy eyes.

Did you just update your profile and thats why it changed or do you have some trick to do that :open_mouth:

:laughing: sorry for the offtopic but it is indeed funny what happened.

I had to change the avatar, it was too big, and then i changed it a couple of times until i was happy with it.
It seems you were a witness to that process, there’s no trick. Of course, it’s an animated gif, but you knew that already.

But then again, if you want a trick, simply create an animated gif with all images you want to cycle and a really large delay between them (like minutes) :wink:

and for the gifs, you should see some ideas in my sig (if it will work).

I knew my eyes werent playing tricks on me… :laughing:

Seemed like mine were. I almost wanted to flag your post as “Spam”. :wink: