Book for fundamentals?

Hello all,

 I am new to game design and programming but familiar with programming concepts and will be finishing up learning the Python language in about a month and a half or so(we are being taught Python in my Computer Logic course).  I will be moving onto C after the course and would like to keep proficiency with Python and have decided to do it in a fun way, game programming.  Hell, I might even change my major!
 Being new to this area of programming, it is important for me to understand the basics so I can program more efficiently, and correctly!  I am looking for reading material to give me an overview of game programming.  I plan to thoroughly study that topic so I can begin to understand Panda3d more in-depth.  
 After reviewing around 500 books on Amazon the book that stood out the most was "Game Engine Architecture" by Jason Gregory, Jeff Lander and Matt Whiting.  Anyone have experience with this book or can recommend a book that they benefited from?  A book can only do so much, but more importantly, it starts me out in the right direction.  I want to learn from the bottom up.  Any other way, then I probably won't be using Panda's features and other programs I plan to use as efficiently as possible.  ANY help will be appreciated!