Book Fliping

Hi guys.
I am starting to work on a page flipping implementation. Is there any similar example or model available? I am a programmer but not a good 3ds max or Maya designer.
I tried to use book-flip controls in flex. But It seems that we can’t interact with flash loaded in panda now.

describe how it should look like or make a sketch and i’m sure somebody here will model it for you.

Er, just like FlexBook(

that’s actually a very complex one IMHO. would require a chained skeleton and good weightpainting.
e.g. linear animated pages (press play and the page flips) are much simpler than those interactive you refer to

[size=75]ps: sorry for the late reply. have been away for a week[/size]

based on vardis’s work(, I built a work like :

Looks really slick. :slight_smile:

I take it that you’re pulling in content dynamically from the web too?

Yes. Download dynamically from web and embed the content into flash.