bone animation unreadable or lost during export?

this problem using max Ive made lot of animation end when I export it
the only move part is the leg and there is some report like

Bone_Pelvis has 4 children currenly active 2
bone_Spine01 not in anim
bone_spine02 not in anim
bone_spine03 not in anim

when I use both exporter its work, but then I when I attachjoin some weapon to the bone. its follow but dont move swingly like the hand animation. its because the bone truly dont move at all

I found it always work when I use Biped as figure, but assembing biped into model is pretty hard and lot time of work.

I know Both Disney and CMU using Maya
but maintaining the Max exporter will be very priceless for Max user
that only my suggestion for Beloved Panda’s developer.

anyway anyone have solution. if no solution its Ok that wont hurt me
I know Max user have same problem either.

I agree that maintenance and support for the Max exporter are important.

The only kind of developer who can realistically maintain the Max exporter is one who actually uses Max. Since I don’t use Max, or even own a copy, I have a nearly zero chance of making any useful changes to the Max exporter.

Would you like to volunteer to be the one to maintain it?