BMP loading error

Hi all!

I have a problem with loading this BMP file:

:pnmimage:bmp(warning): offBits is 1074, expected 1078
:pnmimage:bmp(warning): offBits is 1074, expected 1078
:pnmimage(error): BMP: internal error in readto()

Paint and other engines (e.g. JMonkeyEngine 3) can load it without any problem.

If I convert it to PNG via Paint, Panda3D can load it.

that’s an 8 bit indexed image. i’d call that ancient. could well imagine there’s a bug somewhere, since noone really uses indexed images anymore for like more than a decade now.

may i ask why not simply convert it to png? i mean it works right?

Thanks a lot for your useful answer!

Anyway, if it is ancient or not, it is just a BMP.

I make a renderer for a game called Ragnarok Online, and it uses that ancient format for their textures. I would like to render based on the original game files, so i can’t convert it.

Please file a bug report at the bug tracker and attach the texture. I can’t promise that anyone can get to it soon, though.