Blurred text rendering?

When I render text to the screen, it seems slightly blurred / out of focus. Is there anyway to fix this?

Atm I’m using a TextNode, but it also happens with OnscreenText…

See this thread:


Also, if you’re seeing blurry text on small text (and not just on big text), it indicates your graphics card is over-blurring the mipmaps. Try reducing or turning of mipmapping on your text altogether, with this line in your Config.prc:

text-minfilter linear_mipmap_nearest

Or even:

text-minfilter linear


Thanks for the reply.
None of the above seems to help really, but I switched to a font thats a bit clearer. All is well readable, but still seems fuzzy around the edges.

I guess I’ll have to live with that or buy new glasses :wink: