I didn’t come across this in reading the manual so I’m asking here: how do I implement bloom with C++? Does anyone have a code snippet they can share? (Searching the forum for bloom brought up no results.)

Currently, it’s not possible to use the built-in bloom filter generator from C++ - you’ll need to create your own shader, sorry. The Advanced Glow sample contains a shader you could use, though.
This will change in a future version of Panda, perhaps 1.8.0.

Thanks pro-rsoft. That works out perfect for me. I’m in the earliest stages right now (just exploring what Panda3D can do) so maybe by the time I finish anything worth playing, the engine will support C++ auto-shaders as well.

Actually, Panda3D does support C++ auto-shaders as the shader generator is implemented in C++.
However, the code responsible for managing built-in post-processing filters is implemented in Python. You can perfectly well do this in C++, but it’s a little bit more work.