blogging about panda3d

In order to rise awareness about panda3d i started this blog ( ). I recommend some of you in the panda3d community to that same. We want to give an impression of active community. I hear about other python game libs like pygame and pyglet alot. They are gaining their popularity through blogs and such. We all know how blog abrogator sites work but for some reason i never see panda3d mentioned any place. I think that panda3d is the best engine to do hobby game development with and I should tell other people so too!

I will take some of my more lengthier forum post and modify them for blog posting too. This is not to distill and take a way valuable information from panda3d site but more to promote it panda3d in general. So don’t be alarmed if i echo sometimes on the forums and on this blogs.

I was inspired by how he does some thing about a python library every week. Its not hard to find a little time during the week to write some thing about about a module. This gives him the opportunity to learn how python works. I am thinking of starting a tradition here of doing similar thing.

I also saw that panda3d has been gaining users which again prompt me to start this blog about panda3d in order to share some tips and trick as i find them with the new panda3d users. I been using panda3d for about a year now and i just feel i need to share.

This also might server to improve my writing skills which are lacking in my opinion.

just registered
good to see this is moving forward

that was on may 2007 :slight_smile: