Blending animations - newbie question

Hi guys,

I wish to make a couple of questions about blending animations in Panda.

I’ve read in the manual that Blending can be applied in order to mix two animations at same time in an Actor. Ok, but… how can I blend two animations not at the same time, but like an transition, for example, I have a “walking” animation and a “running” animation, and I want to ‘interpolated’ transition from the ‘walking’ anim, to the ‘running’ anim.

I tried to make this but I failure. The only way I could make it work, the character ‘jump’ to the ‘running’ anim, and it’s very weird.

I searched about it here in the forum but I did found a solution. And as far as I could understand in the manual, the Interpolation is something different from that, isn’t it?

And the other question is about the Multi-Part Actor. Some point at the manual is not much clear for me, so does someone knows a sample file?


P.S.: I just read some topics at the Panda Features in Development, and really nice stuff, like the ARToolKit, ODE, COLLADA importer, multi-thread, etc. :slight_smile:

Smoothly transitioning from one animation to another is a form of blending, not interpolation. It means you are playing both animations at the same time, and you gradually change the ratio of effectiveness of both animations. At the beginning, it is entirely animation A, and at the end, it is entirely animation B, but during the transition there are both animations playing with different effectivenesses.

For an example, see this thread:

For examples of subpart actors, search the forum for “subpart” or “makeSubpart”.