Blender -> X format -> Panda3D textures

I feel dumb, I exported a scene into .x from Blender3D and chose the option to maintain textures. I then just loaded it into panda with loadModel, and nothing is textured.

Do I have to do anything within Panda to get the textures to show up, or is this something I need to do on the Blender side?


edit: it looks like there is no path stored inside the .x file. When I cat the file I just see a bunch of vert coordinates, and the UV coordinates, but no path to textures and no blocks that look like they’re the image itself. I assume this means I need to set the texture from within Panda…I’ve never done that before. I guess I’ll check the manual real quick and will update when I find it.

edit 2: Nevermind, found this line in there:

TextureFilename {“test.png”;}

So the .x does have the texture and I can load it directly into Panda3D. Welp, guess I’ll never be using Chicken exporter ever again! :smiley:

Well, that does sound like something went wrong with your Blender-to-.x conversion, if you specified to maintain textures, and yet the .x file contains no actual texture paths.

Applying the textures at runtime within Panda should work as a workaround, though I don’t know whether there might be an easier solution somewhere.

Edit: Ah, OK.