Blender - What Goes and Don't Go

Just wondering… If you define physics or particles in Blender does any of that register with Panda3D, from an exported blend to egg file?

I’m guessing no.


Nope. The .egg format doesn’t support either, currently.

for more detailed information have a look at the chicken manual. it explains pretty much all supported things you can export. if something’s not listed there it’s propably not supported.

Is is possible to make a mesh act like cloth in Panda? I know you can do this in Blender, that’s the reason for the main question.

I would imagine if so, it would be a “hair puller outer” to do.

theoretically possible but you’d had to make quite a lot changes to the exporter, which would be lost in near future since blender 2.5+ wont be backwards compatible. so it’d be a waste of effort.

the physx wrapper may provide some realtime-cloth dynamics.

To make a mesh act like cloth in Panda has to be done Panda side, and someone with C++ skills could certainly add it to the engine. Its not even hard code, it just requires understanding a lot of different things! However, you could bake a Blender simulation such that it exports and Panda loads it. What you would do is have a mesh controlled by a bunch of bones, which can be exported to Panda, and then a mesh controlled by the cloth simulation. You then constrain the bones of the export mesh to be on the simulation mesh using vertex parenting of empties and bone constraints. You would only be able to bake cloth simulations however, which you can play back at will and blend between using Pandas standard animation features, but it wouldn’t be a real time simulation. Might be good enough for what you want of course, though it requires deep knowledge of Blender to setup - its an advanced and rather fiddly trick.

There is a method to attach armature to softbody in Blender…you will find it if you search well in blender manual on the internet…I tried it before and load the egg animated file in panda3d and it wasn’t good as I expected but not that bad also

this video may explain the idea

Good luck

Interesting… But I wonder why you said it wasn’t good? Did the motion of the bones stall in Panda or something?
Anyway, just found a better API reference to Panda.

It wasn’t good because the method written in blender manual didn’t gave me the result you see in the video

And also when you try to do a flag, you have to make G stiff for a group of vertex equal to zero to get these vertex pinned, but when you convert it egg with animation you will find these pinned vertex moving (but maybe it has a solution that may sub the paint of these vertex in the weight paint panel)…Anyway,this method may need more concentration to get better results

These examples are taken from a site… you may convert those to egg and see the results

BTW…the page of blender is:
I don’t know if it legal to put the page here or not

I’ll inform you if I find any other info
Good luck

Sorry for the double post…

I created a small example of a piece of cloth and it worked on Panda3d but needs fixing…you may try it

Both the PhysX module and the Bullet module support realtime cloth simulation. It just needs a lot of CPU power. Unfortunately the last PhysX SDK for Linux had a bug with cloth, so it is Windows only.