Blender vs 3DSMax support

Hello everybody!

We are using Blender to create models for our game. We have the option to buy a license for 3DSMax, but I wanted to ask if it is worth it. First, we are all skilled enough in Blender, while we have never used 3DSMax before. Then, what is the difference in exporting a model from 3DSMax and Blender? Which problems you usually have when exporting from Blender that you won’t have with 3DSMax?


Well I’ve never used 3DSMax, I’m noob with blender. I’ve made a model in blender, put bones and animation to it and I’ve exported it to .egg with eggX exporter. All was right unless I’ve used some newer version of eggX. The bug was caused that I’m using Blender 2.41 and eggX was developed to work with 2.42. So if you have this one all should be allright. Just my experience. I can’t tell you if 3DSMax is worth buying, I’m not a modeler.

Thanks for your help. I have also tried importing small models, and everything worked fine. I was just wondering what could happen with bigger models (like environments) featuring more complex modelling techniques. Well, I will give it a try, and post here if I encounter some issue.

modeling techniques arent of intrest for the exporter. as long as you keep the texturecount per mesh below or at the limit of the graficcard you wont have much trouble (same with every modelling tool out there). the *.egg exporter is still not completed, i think maya is the most completed at the moment. but blender exporters should work most of the time. no need to spend lots of money if everything works for free :wink:

I agree Thomas!