Blender vs 3DSMax support

Hello everybody!

We are using Blender to create models for our game. We have the option to buy a license for 3DSMax, but I wanted to ask if it is worth it. First, we are all skilled enough in Blender, while we have never used 3DSMax before. Then, what is the difference in exporting a model from 3DSMax and Blender? Which problems you usually have when exporting from Blender that you won’t have with 3DSMax?


I don’t know much about blender, but 3dsmax is much easier to use than Blender, and offers much more “special effects” and stuff.

:unamused: If you don’t know much about Blender how do you know 3dsmax is better?

Can you name any features that 3dsmax has that Blender doesn’t?

It’s true that Blender’s interface has a steep learning curve (maybe because it’s based largely on hotkeys) however, once learned it’s much faster that 3dsmax’s menu based system.

Blender is extensible in Python, meaning if you do actually find that Bender lacks a feature you need you can write a script for it in Python!

You could try before you buy.

to be fair…max and maya can both be setup to use hotkey combo’s, though I have no idea ( dont have max or maya , though Id love maya since it works in linux ) to what extent.

I suppose max has many things blender does not atm, like pelt mapping and utils that make it real easy to making clothing…but blender is catching up.