Blender to Panda3d logic parser ToolSet -Poll-

Would people use something like this and even if so contribute?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Yes and Contribute

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The topic basically says it all…
But, I’ll explain the idea anyways…


  1. You have a Plugin (script) that you use in blender to add a “datablock” of logic to a object. Instead of doing it one by one.
    To explain:
    You have something like a form to fill out.

As you can see from the picture above, you have a set of things you can change. (Note: It’s all very basic atm)

  • Datablock Type = The Type of object you are about to attach the datablock to.
  • id = A id(int) for the object.
  • Name = “pretty strait forward”
  • Control Type = A pre-defined control type, for instance a FPS style control or something like a 3rd person setup.
  • Model File = Any external model file you want to attach to the object other than the model or place holder you have selected / or will contain the datablock.
  • height = strait forward(float)
  • radius = "
  • isDynamic = True/ False
  • attachScript = Any custom script you want attached to the object. For instance something like a sensor / trigger
  • Now that’s only the Player Type datablock. I have setup a few others aswell. So far you have:
    Datablock Type = Player, Level, Light, Object
    Each with there own types of properties.
    Like Light has something different:

    You have a option to state what type of light it is. With the Light Type property.

Okay so that’s some stuff about the script for blender. Now the Core that reads / Parse all of this.
Currently I’m aiming at making a FPS shooter template. The whole idea is aimed to make it easier to create a game with panda, atleast something simple for beginners.

So further INFO on the Idea. It’s supposed to be something like a none “almost no needed” for scripting game maker. You simply build your level in blender add all the required datablocks and export via Yabee. Open the MeoTech Core app and let the engine parse the egg file and set everything up for you.

Other datablocks I have in mind (not added atm) will be a datablock for level details.
Like say you add a cube to hold a datablock for the levelInfo:

  • level name = “blabla”
  • level type = “DM, TDM…”
  • Skybox = “handle a custom skybox”
  • time
  • and other things…

Also attaching custom shaders and things, just like the custom script field.

What is working atm?
The very basics, player, movement, it needs a camera mode, level builder is setup and lights.
Physics and the other things.
(Its already faster and easier to setup a level)

  • Note the red model for the player is to small… its supposed to be like that :stuck_out_tongue:

(The script in blender will over time become more and more complex)

So the final words:
The idea is simple create something that people could use to make games(simple) with panda3d esp. beginners
Think of it as a drag and drop builder(lol… but you get the idea i hope)
Also it’s not aimed to stop at a fps template type, I’m thinking about having options later for rpg style games esp the point click types…
(Also for later on I was thinking about adding something like a gui drag&drop tool, that uses libRocket but thats far away)

For any more information please feel free to email or pm me :slight_smile:

Totally forgot to add this:
This is the basic stuff atm> feel free to check around
The MeoTech Toolset will be MIT

Voted “No” primarily because I’m developing a competing product: If you choose to continue developing this project perhaps we could share code at some point and make both our lives easier.

Hi, thanks for the reply kurohyou. Yeah I won’t say you are developing something that similar… since this project ain’t a full editor instead it uses blender and the logic editor of it. And then have a layer to parse it. But we (i and fireclawthefox) are also working on a editor for panda3d although its more aimed at the rising project itself. But it could be used for anything actually. But this blender>panda3d app im working on is totally different and unrelated to that.

Also yea you are more than welcome if you want to go through the codes I have.

I really like the idea of being able to specify all of this in a Blender panel, effectively making Blender a sort of game editor for Panda; even to the extent of allowing one to attach scripts. It sounds like a very interesting new approach that hasn’t (to my knowledge) been tried before.

So I’m definitely curious to see where this ends up going.

I’m in developing a Panda Game Framwork that use script to handle game logic
It’s very simple
A Object Loader (It support for common game object like Actor, model, sky, terrain, water, …) Using Cache Prototype and Optimize loader.
A Scene Manager
A Entity Manager
Game Logic (using script) Use can define 1, 2,3 or more script file to handle this object

If you need more info please contact to me (skype : thien0291). Thanks :smiley: