Blender to Panda Question


Got a quicksh question, when exporting blend files to eggs, what gets exported? I know the mesh obviously does, but how about animations, normal maps, etc? Cause for me personally, ide much rather do most of that in blender. Thanks


the chicken exporter comes with a manual. you should be able to find most information there. animations, textures you asign per UV-editor,vertexcolors and tags are definetly exporter. dunno about normal-maps and the rest, thought. never tried.

Just to add to the above, yup it does normal maps, but you will have to add the tangent and binormals - there is a panda tool for doing this. Just be warned they are slightly different from blenders tangent/binormals, so you can end up with some glitches at the seams. Read the manual though as Thomas said, and just try it out - you’ll soon find out what it can do quick enough with some experimentation.

ok thanks